My induction into paranormal life…Part VI

7 Jun

I mentioned previously that I’d taken measures to protect myself.  I should clarify that I never felt threatened in any way, but when my work life started to affect my home life, I had to take steps to keep the two separate.

One morning after working the night before, I was getting ready to go grocery shopping.  We all have our quirks, and one of mine since childhood is being incredibly paranoid when I’m home alone.  Before heading into the shower, I lock every door and window; including my bedroom door and the bathroom door. I ‘m not sure who or what I think is going to “get” me, but I know I feel much better knowing there are several locked doors between me and anyone who may try!

I hooked my phone up to a small set of external speakers, picked an upbeat playlist, turned it up to a rather loud volume, and was be-bopping away and singing along while I showered.  All of a sudden, I heard 3 distinctive raps on the bathroom door. They were forceful and loud enough that I heard them over my crooning and the music,  and they startled me.  Knowing I was home alone, I froze.  Slowly and cautiously I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.  I picked up my phone and texted my husband, “You didn’t happen to stop home for something did you?” His response–“No why?”  I texted my mom who lives next door the same question. Same answer.  I stood in my bathroom bewildered, but curious.  I unlocked and opened the bathroom door and cautiously peered into my bedroom.  Nothing.  I opened the bedroom door and peered out into the living room.  Nothing.  I walked all around the house wrapped in a towel; dripping wet, looking for someone–all the while knowing no one was there.

I picked my phone up and started snapping pictures. Up to that point, I had never investigated my home.  I had always suspected that if I’d captured any evidence, it would only serve to make me uncomfortable in my own home, which is something I didn’t want.  I guess you could call it my “ignorance is bliss” rationale.  This time; however, it was undeniable.  I’d just had a possible paranormal experience in my home.  I reviewed the pictures, saw nothing out of the ordinary, and set about trying to debunk the knocks.  There is no plumbing in my closet next to the bathroom door to possibly make the noise, nothing had fallen, no one had stopped in…after all, every single door and window was locked!  I went around and checked again just to be sure.  Yep. Locked.

I was bewildered and I had an overpowering feeling that I was not alone in the house.  I was not frightened; after all it was mid morning and the sun was streaming through my home.  There was an overall feeling of peace in the house, along with a feeling that I had company. It wasn’t a negative, “I feel like I’m being watched,” feeling.  It was simply a feeling that I had a presence with me in the house; benign in nature, just sort of hanging out and observing.

I continued to finish getting ready and headed out to the store, got my groceries, and returned home.  On the drive home it hit me.  Had an earthbound spirit come home with me the night before? Pulling in the driveway, I shook my head and said aloud as if to convince myself as well as anyone else who might be listening, “Now you are being ridiculous! Nothing like letting your work affect your home life, Jen! You are seriously sleep deprived if you are going to start considering that!”

As I put away the groceries, I couldn’t stop thinking…what if?  What if someone had come home with me.  I decided even though I thought I was being ridiculous, I would take care of it anyway.  It couldn’t hurt, would make me feel better, and if there was someone hanging out in the house without being invited, it would solve that problem as well.  After I finished with the groceries, I went into my bedroom and sat down on the bed to contemplate what I’d need.

…to be continued…

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