My induction into paranormal life continued

22 May

When I started my new job, I was very excited to meet new people and give the tourists who had never been to St. Augustine before a lesson in history that they were probably not aware of.  Like anyone starting a new job, I did my research on the area as well as the locations I would be going to.  Like so many of the tour guests I would later meet; I was rather skeptical about the haunted history of the area.  I figured that the tours were a way to make my employer money and that by exploiting the sordid past of many of the locations there, we would be able to give tours that were unique enough that guests would have a great time; nothing more, nothing less.  There was a script to memorize, of course, and I set about the work of doing so with fervor.  I was familiar with some of the stories that I would be telling, since my husband and I had gone on a ghost tour  when we stayed at a bed and breakfast in St Augustine a couple of years prior for our Anniversary.

I was super excited to start this new chapter in my life, and the job seemed like something I would really enjoy.  I loved ghost stories, the paranormal, and haunted history.  My husband and I were both intrigued by these things, and because of the common interest, we made annual trips to Savannah, GA for our anniversary.  We had attended ghost tours in Savannah as well and I knew that I would be giving my guests the same kind of thrill.  I was looking forward to getting trained and getting out there!  Finally, the night approached when I was to go out with one of the guides on a tour for training, and to get a feel for how everything came together when guests were present.  We left on her tour at a fitting midnight time of departure, after she handed K-2 meters out to the group.  K-2 meters are tools paranormal investigators use to gauge fluctuations in energy.  She mentioned that the K-2 meters measured any fluctuation in energy, so if the K-2s started to register a fluctuation, look first to see if we were near any electrical lines, electronic devices, etc,  before assuming we had something paranormal going on.  I remember being impressed by this, as well as her explanation about the fact that spirit energy fluctuates, which would cause the K-2 meter to light up briefly and then with little bursts.  If the lights stayed lit, it was more than likely something interfering with the meter such as electrical power; nothing more.

We went along the route making stops, mostly at Bed and Breakfasts that were supposedly haunted and getting the history of each while we stood outside with our meters.  We were encouraged to take pictures as well.  I was on the tour for training, but took the opportunity to snap some photos and use the K-2.  Finally, we pulled up to a Bed and Breakfast that has been reported by some to be the most haunted Bed and Breakfast in the US.  The tour group and I disembarked the van (we used a passenger van for large groups, and this one was rather large at about 12 people including me), crossed the street, and listened intently as our guide went over not only the history of the place, but also the spirits said to reside there.

As if on cue; as we were standing across the street from the Inn our guide was telling us about, my K-2 meter was going crazy! It lit up and went dark, then lit up again with more lights this time, then went dark.  This happened for a few minutes or so.  Since the group was intently listening to the guide, I didn’t want to interrupt.  I just watched my meter in disbelief.  After several minutes went by and our guide was still talking, a woman next to me asked me if I noticed what my K-2 had been doing.  I replied, “Yes, I did see it, but I wasn’t sure what to make of it, and I didn’t want to interrupt our guide.”  Others heard the conversation between the two of us, and before I knew it, I had a crowd gathered around me.  I looked at my coworker with a sheepish, “I’m sorry” look on my face.  She came over to check it out herself.  At this point the K-2 was lighting up all of the lights, all the way to the red, back down to two green lights, then back up again to the red in response to questions.

….to be continued…


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